11 Jan 2021: We are excited to have our brand new Photo Finale Kiosk software release ready to roll out. This is a huge release and a bit different than a normal kiosk update, so much so that instead of APM Kiosk, we are calling it PF Kiosk and version 1.0. PF Kiosk 1.0 is a fresh start for a new year on a platform that will allow us to develop both kiosk and web quicker and more efficiently. In the end, this means easier setup and maintenance for you, more innovative features for your customers to enjoy, and a more seamless presentation to help your brand shine.   

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New in PF Kiosk

  • Responsive UI. The old APM software was restricted to what is now considered a pretty small screen, but PF Kiosk uses the full screen, no matter what size you have. 
  • Cloud order archives & account management. One huge benefit of the new kiosk is for your staff's ability to help customers. Now all the kiosk orders will be saved and accessible through myLab, just like your online orders are. This means you can reprint easily, find past orders, etc. The metadata for orders can be located in myLab at any time. Photos from orders are kept for 62 days. In the case of a member, the uncropped original photo will still be available indefinitely in most cases -- assuming the customer hasn't deleted it, or their account hasn't be deleted for inactivity.
  • Central catalog control. This means that online products and pricing will be pulled through to the kiosk. This is similar to how PF@Kiosk works now. This means central control across your fleet and less setup and hassle for you. 
  • Central benefit control. Promos, coupons, membership benefits, and prepaid plans you have set up online will now work on kiosk.
  • EasyLink Mobile Upload. If you have tried this out on your website uploader, you will be happy to know that we have added the functionality to the new kiosk as well. Users can now easily get photos from a phone into the kiosk by scanning a QR code or clicking a text message link. (The User Enhancements bundle subscription is required for the SMS service; without, users will see only the QR code option.) It's quick and doesn't require entering a code or downloading anything.  
  • Built on Chromium. The APM platform used Microsoft Explorer and Flash. With a platform based on the same engine used by the Chrome browser, we have a stronger, more flexible, and more secure position to take advantages of the latest web technologies.

What's needed before you install the new PF Kiosk

  1. Windows 8.1 x64. Photo Finale Kiosk (PFK) requires Windows 8.1 x64 or higher, with administrative rights are required to run the installer. The user account used to run PF Kiosk does not need to be a local administrator.
  2. Internet access. Your kiosk computer needs to have internet access to install and to run the new PF Kiosk software.
  3. New or currently-supported kiosk license. The new PF Kiosk software is only available to supported kiosks. If you are out of a support contract, you will need to renew before you can install the new software. 
  4. PF Web catalog. The new PF Kiosk relies on a corresponding PF website catalog for products, pricing, memberships, and many other settings. If you are one of our kiosk-only customers, we will set you up with a PF Standard website and corresponding catalog. If you do not want a consumer-facing website, we can discourage search engines from crawling it, and you will pay no additional cost. However, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your business online and we encourage you to use the website as an order-taking tool, even if you offer store pickup only–this has been a very popular way, especially recently, to keep your customers ordering from you even while they may not be able to visit your store. 
  5. Lab 50. There is a new Lab 50 update (posted in myLab) that you will need in order to process orders from PF Kiosk. We recommend to have our Lab 50 software on a separate computer. Most dealers are set up this way, but if you are one of the few not using Lab 50, or not using it on a separate computer, please let us know, we will discuss options with you. 
  6. Keyboard & mouse. This is recommended. PF Kiosk does have an on-screen keyboard and is designed to work on a touch screen, however, a physical keyboard and mouse makes for a much more pleasant user experience. 

PF Kiosk Roadmap

The following features & functionality are already on our roadmap (development is planned) but feel free to offer input & suggestions:

  1. Flatbed Scanning. We will be re-introducing single page scanning to the kiosk workflow in the 1.1 update. (We are assessing the need for multi-feed scanning beyond that release. If you would use this, please drop us a note.)
  2. Passport Workflow. We have many dealers who use the APM kiosk admin menu's Passport Photos workflow to position and print the passport photos they take in the store. While we have some Passport Photo products as part of a regular online catalog (more coming soon), they will not be restricted to in-store/admin-only type of a workflow for the first version of the PF Kiosk. If you choose to add these products, users will be able to order them from your website or from PF Kiosk. There are a few ways to dissuade this type of usage: add a high price, bury the products, etc. We can help set up the best solution for your lab to tide you over until we have completed the ideal setup for an in-store usage that you are used to from the APM.
  3. Ability to order CD/DVD/USB (archive products). We will be adding the ability for user to order an archive product all the session's photos -- media card(s) and/or mobile uploads -- not just the ones you have ordered prints of (as it has been in the past). In addition, you will be able to offer (and users will be able to choose) multiple product types (CD, DVD, USB) rather than just one. When this is added to the PF KIosk, it will also be available on your website setup. 
  4. Platform-based promo restrictions. Currently (online and kiosk), you can set a promo to be a pickup-only, ship-only, or member-only and we plan to expand this to also allows promos/coupons to be set based on ordering platform (kiosk-only, mobile-only, online-only).
  5. Credit card swiper support. We are assessing the need for swiper support at the kiosk. If this feature is important to you, please let us know. For taking credit card payment at the kiosk in version 1.0, users will be able to enter their card info manually.
  6. Auto-updates. To further our mission to make the new kiosk as easy to maintain for your staff as possible, we will be adding an automatic update feature to the kiosk, so when we push out a new version, there is nothing you will need to do to get the latest and greatest.  

PF Kiosk Idea List

Have a suggestion? Please let us know! rachel@photofinale.com. 

  1. Red eye tools. We use the Img.ly editor on the website and kiosk (if subscribed to the User Enhancements bundle). While it replaces the other editing features of the old APM, and adds plenty more, it does not have a red-eye tool. We are currently looking for a good tool to incorporate into the kiosk. If we can find a suitable solution, we will add it to our schedule to add. 

Contact info

  • Technical: If you have technical questions, our support ticket system is the quickest method: support@photofinale.com
  • Sales: For support contract, renewal, licensing, Lab 50 or PF Web purchase questions, please contact your sales rep directly, or email our general sales inbox: sales@photofinale.com 

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