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Newer Solution Available

There is a newer way to get photos from phone into kiosk, using our UploadToKiosk method. There is no additional cost and no app required.

Read more here:



As of APM 9.6 (October 2015), the kiosk supports images transferred from smartphones or tables using the APM Photo Kiosk Transfer app, a free app for Apple or Android devices. This is a paid add-on and APM ID must be licensed in order for this feature to work. We offer a 3-kiosk license or a site-license if you have more than 3 terminals. More info, as well as links to the app, can be found here:

How users move photos from phone to kiosk:

Users select iPhone & Android button from the Load Media screen (lower left)


Users are directed to download (if necessary) and launch the transfer app, select their photos, switch to that specific kiosk’s WiFi network, and begin the transmission.

On Windows 7 and above, the APM software will create a temporary, ad-hoc wifi network each time the user starts a session.  Each ad-hoc network has a unique, random password and is only "alive" during the duration of the customer's session. This offers excellent protection. On Windows XP we cannot do this, but you can use a WiFi dongle on the kiosks and create a permanent, ad-hoc network with a fixed password.  This is less secure.  Other than that, the software will work the same on XP, and on Windows 7 or higher PCs.

If your kiosk computer doesn't have WiFi you can purchase a WiFi adapters in order to use this new functionality,supported adapters are listed at this link: APM Kiosk Transfer App Windows 10 Compatibility



  1. Close all the APM software (check system tray for any open apps, right click and quit all red boomerang icon apps) and go to C:\APM_FOLDERS\Tools\RefreshLicenses and double-click the exe.  
  2. Download & install the PhotoKioskTransferServer installer...this is downloaded from myLab
  3. If you have more than one kiosk, download/unzip, found here:
    1. To install, right-click on the file PF_Bonjour_fix.bat and select “run as administrator” (Reboot is required, which will be taken care of after the next step.)
    2. (If you just have one kiosk at your location, you do not need to run this .bat file.)
  4. Install the latest APM software (APM 9.6 or higher) if you do not have it installed already. This is downloaded from myLab. Follow prompts to restart when the installer is done. 
  5. When machine starts back up, run the Setup Wizard and go to Device Settings > enable Photo Kiosk Transfer App.  
    1. Create an SSID. The SSID needs to be unique for each kiosk. This is the network name customers will be using to connect to the kiosk.
    2. Create a Kiosk Name.  The kiosk name does not need to be unique.
    3. Click the Initialize WiFi button.
    4. Close the Setup Wizard to save the changes. 

  6. Reboot and test

Shortcut links to the apps:

Have customers search for "APM Transfer" or "APM Kiosk" for the app to show back at the top of the search results.  You may also like to create/print a QR code an have it next to each kiosk for customers to easily get to the app... if they know what a QR code is... 

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