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  • Noritsu CT Protocol (DPOF) & (QSS Hot Folder and Net Order)

NOTE: This documentation relates to an earlier version of the APM / Lab 50 software.

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Q: Where can I change the text that is printed on the back of my photos, and what are my options for the back print text?
A: Under the printer configuration section of the Setup Wizard, you may change the text printed for both lines of the photo back print. If you click in the back print field for line 1 or line 2, the list of available back print options is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The options currently available include the order number, product name, product ID, surface finish of the photo, the quantity, the original file name, the item index, the year, the month, and the date. You may also add generic text to the fields such as a store name. It is important to correctly format the tags with percentage symbols (%) around the item, and to enter the name correctly in all capital letters.

Q: How do I know which folder (s) correspond with the order number printed on the receipt?
A: Under the printer configuration section of the Setup Wizard, there is an option to ‚Use APM Order Number?. When this value is set to true, the last 6 digits of the order number from the receipt are used in naming the order folders. All images placed in that folder will correspond with that particular order. For example, if the order number 102501014 is printed on the receipt, then all folders with the numbers 501014 correspond with that particular order.

Q: How do I know which print channel to enter in the Setup Wizard for each size?
A: The print channels are configured on each printer. In order to ensure these are setup correctly in the APM software, you will need to access the channel listing on your printer. It is important to assign each size to a print channel, so the printer will know how to handle each print size that is sent over to it for processing.

Q: My orders wont transfer over to my printer. The order folders end with .err, why wont they work?
A: Please reference the appendix for the printer interface that you are attempting to print through, and confirm that you have correctly configured all of the print settings. Once the product has been added to a fulfillment, it also needs to be configured for printing in the Printer Configuration section of the Setup Wizard. If you are using the NetOrder Interface, make sure that port 5000 is open in the Windows Firewall.

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