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Prepaid (or "Purchase") Plans are a tool to entice customer loyalty by pre-paying for product purchases from your website. Prepaid Plans allow you to bundle product price incentives to volume quantities. For example, a bundle of 100 4x6 prints could be offered at a price of $17.00 – effectively the same as $0.17 each assuming that 100 prints are eventually ordered. The print credits are deducted from the user account as customer orders are placed.

NOTE: These are called Purchase Plans in the Lab 50 setup, but appear on the PF sites in the header as Prepaid Plans.

To setup a new purchase plan within LAB 50, please follow these steps:

  1. Access Store Management > Product Catalog and click on the New button.
  2. For the product type, select Purchase Plan and enter a name and description for the purchase plan as you would like them to appear on your website.
  3. Lab 50 will then open to the editing options for purchase plans. The General tab provides the following options:
  • Name: Enter the name of the purchase plan.
  • Description: Description of the purchase plan as presented to customers on your website.
  • Product: Choose from products defined in the product catalog (4x6, 5x7, cards, etc).
  • Product Price: Price at which to offer the product associated with the plan.
  • Quantity: Total number of units included in plan (100 4x6s = 100). The discount is calculated automatically based on plan price versus regular price.
  • Allow customers to purchase: Allow customers to purchase the plan. If this option is not selected, the plan will not be available online.
  • Enabled: Check to enable usage of this Purchase Plan. If the plan is not enabled, it will not be available online.
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