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What is PF@Kiosk?

The short answer: This new feature (Sept 2013 in APM v8.5) allows retailers to offer their full online product line from within the kiosk workflow.  

*The long answer:  *The PF@Kiosk Design Mode is a powerful new feature that can be enabled in APM v8.5 for those retailers who have a Photo Finale or Foto Depot site configured.  When enabled, the user is presented with a choice: to continue to use the kiosk in Classic Mode, which means using the normal kiosk ordering steps, or in Design Mode.  Design Mode opens that retailer’s Photo Finale site and allows the consumer to create projects and order products offered the website.  The Photo Finale platform offers additional products and designs that are not offered on the kiosk, and gives the user a way to start a project at home and finish in the store (or vice versa).  Any orders placed using Design Mode fall under the same revenue share model as orders placed when accessing the Photo Finale site from a browser. 

Think of it... consumers will love...

  1. Superior workflow (better tools & finer control) for creative products (try a book online, it's awesome!)
  2. More photo/text adjustment functionality
  3. Takes full advantage of larger monitors, including wide screens.
  4. Customers can finally save their products!  This means they can get to them later, they can start in store and finish them at home or start at home and finish at the store!
  5. Full account access of all uploaded photos (and all photos uploaded via iPhone app) and a simple way to upload more!
  6. Easy access to Facebook and Instagram accounts for ordering.
  7. A TON more designs for cards. 
  8. Aviary & PicMonkey photo editing
  9. Easy-to-use web experience

Retailers will love...

  1. No more updating kiosks with big content installers.
  2. Consistent product catalog between your kiosks and your website (and one setup!)
  3. Always offer the latest, up-to-date, comprehensive creative content set without the need to manage it yourself
  4. Take advantage of new hardware investments (widescreen support)
  5. Full control over payment options available to the customer, including requiring in-store payment.
  6. Take full advantage of Photo Finale's robust discount & promotions engine.

We recommend...

We envision retailers setting up kiosks to take advantage of the benefits of having this dual system.  For example, Classic Mode could offer products like prints, enlargements, canvases and gifts that are produced locally.  Design Mode, because of its easy connectivity to Facebook and Instagram, as well as to the user’s online photo storage, is ideal for creative projects.  Users who spend an hour on a book, can do it at home and finish in the store.  Or even if they do it all in the store, they can save all that hard work!  Project saving has been one of the most requested features.  As well, the selection of cards includes a HUGE set of PhotoTidings and Aperion cards, which are sold in kits ranging from $200-$500 per site for the kiosk.  As well, we have third party supplier catalogs of products that are available online that are not available on the kiosk…and we are in the process of adding more.

Boring setup details...

This setting can be enabled during the APM 8.5 software installer, or anytime by accessing the Setup Wizard (then go to Kiosk Settings > Product Selection Settings)


  1. What if I don't have a Photo Finale or Foto Depot site?  Let us sign you up for one!  You can still have another online site, just use this one for the PF@Kiosk.
  2. Fees?  The same revenue share applies to PF@Kiosk orders as you have on your online site.
  3. Can I use PF@Kiosk but not offer everything I do on the online version of the site?  No, it's the same.  Easy.  The retailer can control the landing page for PF@Kiosk.  They can take them directly to the Create page, or even to a specific shopping category if they want.
  4. My online site requires payment, will my customers now have to pay with their credit card at the kiosk?  No, not unless you set it that way. There are payment settings that you adjust on the kiosk specific to this workflow...same page in the Setup Wizard where you enable the feature.
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