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Lab 50 allows you to setup and configure several emails that are sent automatically as triggered by certain events such as membership sign-up or order completion.
These email templates are highly customizable and are often used to relay information to the customer such as order number, estimated pick-up/shipping time, and the store hours.

Your Logo in the Template/Default Emails

Our templates use a macro for the logo. This logo is 364x72 jpg and you set in Lab 50's Brand Settings > Header Logo. If you try an email and your logo is not right, unless you have coded the html to point elsewhere... that is where you should change it.

How to Edit an HTML Email

Not sure how exactly one edits an html email? Check out this page!

Editing Existing Messages and Adding New Options:
  1. the necessary changes to an existing message, or enter the information for a new message. You can right-click in the “Body” field for the email and select Insert Macro to access a list of available macros to insert into the email such as customer name.
  2. Go to Store Management > Email Messages and Customer Communication.
  3. Click on Create a new email message on the left panel, or double-click on an existing message to edit it.
  4. Make changes then once complete, click on Save changes on the left panel.
Additional Information on the "From" Field

All Lab 50 emails are sent from
This is due the requirements we go through in order to minimize the chance of our dealers' mail being classified as SPAM.
We employ a number of countermeasures:

  • Monitor and limit hard-bounce and ISP complaint feedback
Best Practices for Formatting Emails in Lab 50 for Photo Finale Web:
  • Add a human-readable name to email "From" addresses
    EX: From:Rachel's Photo <>
    The email will appear in a customer's inbox as "Rachel's Photo" rather than "".
    Not having a "real name" is also one of the tests which makes a message more likely to be identified as spam (known as the "NO_REAL_NAME" test).
  • Include the order number in the subject
  • Include his store address in the email body
  • Avoid using All CAPs and stick to proper grammar conventions
  • If using HTML as the formatting, make sure that the HTML is well formed and WC3-compliant
    These additions/changes to the email message content can help lower its spam score when analyzed.  There are several websites and services that will rate what you've got and help with this effort.
Use the Samples provided and edit them to make them yours.:

Samples can be found Here

Click Here For HTML Samples

Sample Email

Configuration Options Explained
  • Name: Name of the email to be sent out, such as Order Confirmation or Password Reminder.
  • Description: Description of event, only viewable within Lab 50.
  • Enabled: Make the email active.
  • Deleted: Mark this email message as deleted.
  • Format: Choose the email format to use for messages. Options include Plain Text or HTML.
  • Brand: Used if multiple brands are set for your store. A brand must be selected in order for emails to be sent to customers.
  • Event: Select an event from the drop-down list of events to trigger the email.
    Options include the following:
    • Order Received - sent when customer submits order via website / mobile app
    • Order Printed - sent when the order is marked as "printed" by Lab 50 / Print 50
    • Order Ready for Pickup - sent when a pickup order is marked as "complete" in Lab 50 / Print 50 / myLab
    • Order Shipped - sent when a shipping order is marked as "complete" in Lab 50 / Print 50 / myLab
    • Membership Purchase - Web - sent when a customer signs up for membership (free or paid) on web
    • Membership Purchase - APM - sent when a customer signs up for membership (free or paid) on kiosk
    • Membership Expiring (not currently used)
    • Password Reset - sent when a customer hits Forgot password button on site
    • Share Album - sent when a customer hits the Share (email icon) button in Silverlight
    • Share My Photos (no longer valid)
    • Upload Complete - send when a customer orders an upload on the APM, and upload completes
    • Customer Feedback - send when a customer hits Feedback button (lower left of PF sites).  Without this event, a default message is still sent. This message sends to the support email on record in the myLab Dashboard.
    • Account Inactive (not currently used)
  • From: Enter the from email in this format:   The Company Name <>  (This provides the Descriptive from email name, and the reply-to address.
    The technical from email address will be but will look like whatever you have in place of The Company Name in the user's inbox.)
  • To: Automatically enters the customer email - % customer_email %
  • CC: Select an additional email address to copy on sent messages.
  • BCC: Select an additional email address to blind copy on sent messages.
  • Message Subject and Body: Several messages are pre-loaded for your convenience. You can modify the text by clicking in the appropriate field and adding/removing text as needed.

Alternative to Using PF Web's Email Servers and Service

We do offer a custom email address option for an additional fee--ask your sales rep for pricing.