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Alternate Solution Available

There is an alternate way to get photos from phone into kiosk, using our UploadToKiosk method. There is no additional cost and no app required. A cable will be faster than WiFi, but the wireless transfer is more flexible and less persnickety.

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With the iOS & Android Connect License, the APM can be configured to allow a customers to access photos from their Apple and Android mobile devices using a cable connected to the kiosk.  This article reviews configuration and operation of this feature for Apple iOS devices.


Apple iOS 8 and up

Each iOS version released (iOS 8 (released 9/17/14), iOS 8.0.2 (9/25/14) and iOS 8.1 (10/20/14), as well as all the iOS 9 versions), requires updated USB drivers to be installed on the kiosk in order for iOS Connect to work, which means every time Apple releases an iOS update, you will need to update the drivers on your kiosks. To get these drivers onto the kiosk, we recommend a third party installer called CopyTrans.


Installing drivers by installing CopyTrans

For the cable connect method the latest Apple drivers will need to be installed on the kiosks.  There is a bit of a cat-and-mouse game going on where Apple releases updates for the iPhone and then Windows requires updates to accommodate them.  Our software is reliant on having the latest Apple drivers installed on each kiosk in order for the feature to work.

The most up to date (as of January 20 2016) Apple drivers can be downloaded from this link:  (Note: this is the website that we are getting the drivers from, this is a third party and whenever Apple releases updates they usually have the necessary drivers available within a few days:

How to install: After downloading the CopyTrans Driver installer, run it on each kiosk.  This installer will work in two parts: First, it will uninstall the currently-installed version of the Apple drivers from the system and then it will prompt you to OK the second part of the installation which installs the current version. After the installation is complete, the next time an iPhone is connected to the system it will most likely “finalize” the new driver installation which may take a few minutes.  We recommend connecting a phone (with the newest OS installed) to allow this finalization to complete before allowing customers to use the machine then test the feature to ensure it is working properly. 

Note: If you are setting this feature up for the first time, launch the Setup Wizard and go to Kiosk Settings > Devices. Turn on the "Enable iOS & Android Detection" checkbox.  Save & quit.

Instructions for Customers Connecting their Apple Device to the Kiosk

  1. Swipe to unlock the device and enter the passcode, if necessary.
  2. On the main/intro movie screen of the kiosk, connect the device to the kiosk using a certified Apple cable.  Do not touch the screen yet.
  3. On the device, tap the "Trust this Computer" button, if you get the prompt.
  4. Windows should identify it within 10 seconds (normally indicated by a chime sound). (If connection doesn't succeed within 60 seconds, disconnect the phone, wait 5 seconds, and then begin at Step #1 again.)
  5. At that point the kiosk software should advance from the intro movie screen and automatically begin loading images without the need to click on anything. Alternately, you can try waiting until the Load Media movie (ie the second screen) to plug in the phone. We have more success with the Intro movie plug-in method, but could depend on hardware and settings. 

Recognized Images from an Apple Device

Only photos captured on the device are accessible. Photos synched from an iPhoto library are not accessible.

Supported Apple Devices

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad (all generations)
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch (3rd, 4th & 5th generations)

Certified Apple Cables

  • Cheap cables do not work well. Ensure you are using a high-quality, Apple-certified cable.  We recommend:
    • Lightning Cables:
      • Apple Lightning cable ($15 at Amazon, $19 at Apple)
      • AmazonBasics Lightning cable ($13 at Amazon)
    • Apple 30-pin Cables:
      • Apple 30-pin cable ($19 at Apple)
      • AmazonBasics 30-pin cable ($8 at Amazon)

  • Make sure to have the USB cable connected directly to the PC.  Some USB hubs, especially unpowered ones, may interfere with operations.

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  1. I have also noted, if customers press the "Continue" button on the "Insert Your Media" screen when using the iPhone, it will often not pick up the images (I guess it is working too quickly). I advise stores to connect the iPhone but do not press "Continue" and allow the Application to detect the images automatically.